Road Bikes: Available Models In The Three Ranges

cannondale-six-carbon-105-special-edition-road-bike1On the previous page, we set out the appeal of the Defy, TCR and Propel ranges of Giant road bikes. It’s still necessary to look at the various options once one of those ranges has been chosen. A big choice is between aluminium and carbon fibre.

ALUXX Aluminium Technology

For 30 years or more, Giant has been a leader in the development of aluminium engineering. The current cream of alloy performance is ALUXX Aluminium Technology. The object of all our aluminium development has been to create bikes that were lighter, stronger and stiffer – and we have succeeded.


The absolute top of the range where aluminium is concerned. Only 6011A alloy is used, giving the best possible strength-to-weight ratio. Tubes are 20 percent thinner (and 20 percent lighter) than the next level down, ALUXX SL.


This is mostly 6011 alloy which gives a very good strength-to-weight ratio, while double butting gets the weight down without reducing strength.


This is the entry-level, but strength-to-weight with 6061 alloy is still very good.

Carbon Fibre

Giant Advanced Composite Technology, which replaced Giant Composite Technology in 2016, is now the standard for Giant carbon composite bikes. High-grade T700 carbon is used as standard and the ride quality is the best for any carbon bike anywhere. Models available are the Advanced, the Advanced Pro and the Advanced SL.

Advanced Pro

Advanced Pro models were introduced in 2015. The T700 carbon frame is the same as for the Advanced model, but the Advanced Pro has a number of component upgrades including a fork that is lighter, stiffer and more compliant. The Advanced comes with a model-specific wheelset but the Advanced Pro has a holistic wheelsystem. There’s also an enhanced group set and a beautiful Fizik Italian racing saddle.

Advanced SL

Finally, the Advanced SL has T800 carbon fibre with an even better strength to weight ratio than T700 and the state-of-the-art technology expected in a top of the range bike.