Choosing A Giant Road Bike

giant_defy_2_wht_blk_ylw_11_zA bike to be ridden on the road is a road bike. If only choosing the right bike was that simple. There are a lot of things to take into account, but it starts with these three:

  • the bike must fit the rider properly
  • when the rider is sitting on it, the combination of bike and rider must give the appearance that the rider hopes for
  • the price has to be within the buyer’s budget – but within that budget the buyer wants the best performance he or she can possibly have.

Giant has three main road bike models, though the range within each of these three is large:

  • Defy
  • TCR
  • Propel


The Defy series was launched in 2008 and has been a bestseller ever since. The Defy 5 is the entry-level model and starts at £500; top of this particular range is the Defy 1 at a starting price of £899. Models 1 and 2 come with a vibration damping seatpost which gives a smooth ride on poor services; the Advanced, Advanced Pro and Advanced SL models all have disc brakes for secure breaking in bad weather.


Smaller frame triangles make the TCR super lightweight and yet rigid where it needs to be. It’s light on the climbs and fast on the flat – a superb racing bike.


The Giant Propel has been THE aero bike since it was introduced in 2013. It was designed in a wind tunnel and is more aerodynamic than anything else in the field; its Aero System Shaping Technology saves anything from 12 to 36 seconds over 40 kilometres at a speed of 40 kilometres per hour, yet it gives away nothing in stiffness.

Having selected the right road bike, the next choice is between models and we’ll address that question on the next page.