Bike Holidays In Europe

646941f4-d475-4345-921f-ed9f50c157c9-1020x612See the proud new owner of the Giant mountain bike ride away on it. What’s he going to do with it? Where is he going to take it? He’s made a serious investment; will he get a good return?

Mountain bike holidays in Europe can be wonderful. The rider can plan his own, take a tent and everything else that’s needed and go wherever he likes. We, though, rather like some of the organised holidays that are available where the organisers move luggage from place to place (or the rider stays at one site for the whole of the holiday) and all the rider has to do is enjoy himself.

The range is just amazing. Mallorca. Andorra. The St James of Compostela pilgrimage route.

Or let’s say it isn’t a mountain bike and it isn’t a he; the buyer is a woman and what is ridden off on is a road bike. There aren’t any women as yet competing in the Tour de France, but that isn’t to say that a woman can’t cover a Tour de France route, taking on the challenges of the famous hill climbs – and, this being France, there’ll usually be a good meal at the end of the day and a decent wine to wash it down with.

Then again, there are family holidays. Mother, father, the two children, all in some peaceful, lightly trafficked part of France or Italy or Spain – or maybe doing the cycling/canal holiday combination that is so popular in the Netherlands.

The possibilities of cycling holidays are almost endless. We know a chap who, when he retired, cycled from the West Coast of England to the East Coast – from a place near Morecambe to one near Scarborough. A few months later, he went from Land’s End to John O’Groats. And it still wasn’t enough, because the following year he took his bike on the ferry to Le Havre and cycled all the way to Marseille.

The possibilities opened up by a Giant bicycle can transform a life.